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23 Dec 2016

Home Careis personalized care and includes general, skilled or specialized care that allows a person to live in their own home and enjoy a degree of independence. Home Care services vary widely may be grouped in four categories:

  •  Homemaking -  cleaning, yard work, and laundry, grocery shopping 
  • Personal Care - bathing, getting dressed, haircare, getting in and out of the bed.
  • Dietary – cooking, preparing , organizing or delivering meals
  • Health Care– Assistance with meds; wound treatments, insulin, etc.

 Types of Home Care

There are several types of home care, each with a degree of specialization and focus.

  • Elder Care
  • Dementia Care
  • Care for Chronic Conditions
  • Care for Degenerative disorders
  • After...

22 Oct 2016

 â€œWe are a mid-size company offering therapy and rehab services. We are considering whether a Practice Management Software will be useful to us and whether we can afford it. Currently, we use a combination of paper-based files, Google, Outlook, MS Word on our local network, where we also store reports and other documents. We use QuickBooks for Accounting. Our session notes are done on paper template forms. We have just started to scan and store these forms on the server. Oh, we also use the HCAI website to submit plans and invoices. What we do now works fine although an increasing number of our competitors have invested in a PMS Solution. Can we afford a Solution and how do we benefit?

There are several...