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20 Sep 2017


Greetings to you! Do you know Mr. Bond bumped his headlight into a light pole last night? That wouldn't have happened if the parking lot had LED parking lot fixtures. That’s right, parking lots are always required to be well lit when it's dark. And we are here to provide you with best LED parking lot pole kits. Affordable in nature, long lasting and with warranty, our metal halide fixtures and LED parking lot pole kits are a life saver! 

Packaged for the convenience of our valued customer, our LED parking lot pole kits and metal halide fixtures are available in all sorts of lighting projects. Moreover, all our LED parking lot fixtures are DLC listed and we provide you a 5 year warranty. This means you will not need to...

06 Jul 2017 provides innovative designs when it comes to lightning fixtures, products and services. The range of products from LED lightning fixtures to light poles and adapters can be used for catering to commercial and industrial applications.

The customer needs are taken into due consideration and delivered at affordable pricing. The expert team of professionals tackle complex customer requirements.

The article details about different lightning solutions like sports lightning fixture, LED parking lot light, arena sports light etc. with its need and purpose.

Nowadays, lightning is considered as a crucial functionality. It is all about durability and efficiency when it comes to...

19 May 2017
Outdoor lighting hugely consists of pole lights which effectively take care of all exterior lighting needs. Throughout the years pole lights have provided sufficient illumination outdoors on streets or in places like parking lots. Street lighting is unimaginable without pole lights lined up. Any outdoor space that needs to be lit up can be done with a huge range of standard pole lights or even decorative ones. Nowadays there are various styles of pole lights available for all kinds of outdoor lighting projects. Decorative ones can take care of aesthetic aspects while the sturdy design can fulfill the illumination needs. The light aluminum light pole is readily available in various shapes and designs like tapered square light poles and...