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12 Jul 2017
Almost all manufacturing industries make use of CNC machines. The current competitive environment the demand for better and efficient CNC machine has increased considerably. Automotive industry, metal removing industry, fabricating metals and much more are few of the industries here CNC machines play a very important role.
CNC machine stands for computer numerical control wherein a computer is the one that controls the machines tools like lathe, mills, shaper and so on. The operations performed by the CNC is called CNC machining. While the CNC machine is important in industries similarly there are important parts of the CNC machine that are imported for its workings. Few of the best parts are CNC machining parts from China. They offer all the parts in great quality and precision that are required for longer and durable workings of the CNC machine. 
Machinery parts manufacturers all over the world are continuously creating better CNC machining parts. As CNC machine relies on computers without any much intervention of human the actuators, drives, breakout board and software programs are very crucial in creating a number of products.
The varied types of CNC machine include,

1.The router

This is used to engrave wood, metal or plastic and is one of the common types of CNC machine. One has to only enter the information into the computer to achieve results. No human intervention is required.

2. Plasma cutter

These are used for two-dimensional metal and wood cuttings. The plasma torch in the CNC machine penetrates into the wood and sheet.

3. Laser

The operation is similar to plasma cutter however instead of plasma it uses a laser to cut through wood and metal. These offer the convenience of cutting plastic as well.

4.3D printers

3D printers use CNC technology and operate similarly like a CNC plasma cutters. It utilizes an extruder that slowly deposits plastic in a consistent motion until the desired product is complete.

5.Pick and place

The pick and place CNC machines consist of several nozzles that pick up the electrical components and place it at the desired locations. Commonly found in cell phones, computers, tablets etc.
Few of the other important parts of the CNC machine include,

1.    Input devices
2.    A machine control unit
3.    Machine tool
4.    Driving systems
5.    Feedback system
6.    Display unit

CNC machines have a number of advantages let’s look at few of them,
1.    Highest accuracy and precision in comparison to the manual machine
2.    Since there is minimal human intervention it can work for 24 hours a day
3.    No variation in the parts of the CNC machine manufactured
4.    A semi-skilled operator can also operate the CNC machine
5.    It reduces delay time as one can make changes and improvements easily
6.    Complex designs can easily be created with modern software 
7.    Reduction in labour cost with use of fewer workers are some of the added advantages of CNC machines.


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