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30 Dec 2016

When it comes to branding, only a proper URL can give more versatility. The right URL will give you more options in staying creative during branding. Shorter URLs are more concise and gives the feel of relevance to open up the range of possibilities when it comes to spreading your name across to the global customers.

A long domain name will appear to be entire text and sound extremely unattractive for the visitor. On the other hand, a short domain name will be easy-to-read and easy-to-remember. Any business can gain recognition and become established if it uses easy to spell domain name.

Businesses can shape up the user’s perception and save a lot of time on branding. Getting immediately branded is the instant result of shorter domain name. Smaller names can also render SEO benefits and improve the page rankings.

Using a 3 Character domain name renders the following benefits:

  • Longer domain names generally lose its market focus. When it comes to domain names, short is sweet.

  • If there are extra words in the domain name, chances are you will get pushed to the edge. 3 chars domain name is easy to remember, easy to type and spell. Thus, it is better to avoid too long domain name.

  • Longer domain names are not at all concise. Most of the times, the meaning itself gets lost in the longer name. You can get your identity and your point across with a smaller domain name. Shorter brandable name, having the hint of relevance, is popular.

  • When compared to domains, a domain sells more and costs more. 3-letter combinations have millions of registrations. Millions of companies across the globe look for 2-letters or 3-letters domain. Shorter domains are elite and seem to be rare.

  • If the domain is short, it will convey more authority and more trust. All the top tier domains are shorter and convey massive authority. Higher quality premium domain offers more trust.

  • When the length is more, the potential for typos shoots up. Less number of letters, on the other hand, means less typos and less typing. In fact, longer domain can siphon your significant traffic.

  • For branding, shorter domains are definitely more versatile. You have more possibility at your disposal for creative branding.

  • Short domain has more potential for word-of-mouth. If the name is too long, no one will repeat your company’s name to someone else.

  •  Mobile users can also type your URL.


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