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23 Dec 2016

Ginseng offers an array of health benefits and the most prominent one is its ability to combat tension and stress. It has powerful ‘adaptogens’ to fight out stress and its impact. The beneficial botanical can help us cope with stress.

For several years, Siberian Ginseng Extract has been used to restore health and vitality in feeble and debilitated individuals. It improves energy levels, physical and mental performance. The botanical saves you from the negative impact of stress and helps you cope with stressors. It reduces the severity of those alarm phases when you are nervous. Hence, there is an increased level of well-being.

Benefits of bilberry extract

Bilberry brings about speedy relief from ulcers and digestive issues. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and antioxidant property. It can hence treat a range of disorders including kidney damage, liver problems, diabetes. Following are the health benefits of bilberry extract:

  • Ripe bilberry fruit, dried leaves and other parts are used for the preparation of medicines. Herbal medicines are used for the treatment of variety of ailments. The fruit is multipurpose remedy for different diseases owing to its antioxidant power. Comprising of the chemical compound, anthocyanosides, bilberry neutralizes chemical processes in the body and combats the consequences of oxidative stress.

  • Bilberry can powerfully address diabetes. It can even prevent the occurrence of diabetes. It has the potential of regulating sugar level of blood since it is rich in anthocyanins. The extract can improve the condition of insulin sensitivity and also hyperglycemia.

  • The extract of bilberry can fight out stimulated liver damage and even restore its functioning. Being rich in antioxidant, bilberry exhibits radical scavenging mechanism to boost up the level of Vitamin C, beneficial glutathione to reduce the nitric oxide concentration in the liver tissue.

  • It can prevent the occurrence of various kinds of cancer like breast cancer, colon cancer, leukemia. As per the recent studies, bilberry has the maximum potential to prevent cancer diseases.

  • The extract of bilberry can also maintain your eye health. It restricts age-related eye disorders or ocular disorders. It is sure to enhance your vision, prevent night-blindness and cataract.

  • It also protects you from kidney failure. This is solely due to the antioxidant profile.

It may be said that both Ginseng and bilberry offers a lot many benefits. Ginseng can combat stress and improve the resistance to stress. In fact, stress is the harbinger of various diseases. Bilberry, rich in Vitamin A, C, B1, B2 and Vitamin K, renders a lot many benefits.


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