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13 Oct 2016

There are various reasons why server monitoring is so important. If you have your own website then you would want to make sure that it is always up and running and the end users are not facing any troubles when it comes to accessing your website. To make sure that everything is in perfect condition, you must ensure that your server is being monitored on a regular basis. Monitoring your server would allow you spot any issues with the server and you will be able to fix them before they turn out to be something serious and force you to carry out an extensive maintenance work

Server Monitoring – What it is all about?

There are various aspects which are related to monitoring of servers. Here is a couple of them

  • Observation: You must keep a strict eye on any kinds or errors which are there or if there are any possibilities of occurring any errors. There are various applications available which enable you to monitor the performance of your server and at the same time let you fix any issues which might have occurred.

  • The Internet Connectivity: If you are hosting a server and if you want it to be up and running 24/7, then you must ensure uninterrupted internet connectivity. This is even more important if you are hosting a server for financial reasons. You must have a backup plan in place and make sure that your server can be made up and running in a very short span of time.

  •  Maintenance Team: You must have a maintenance team ready who should be at work wherever there is a fault. There can be different kinds of faults like hardware and software failures. When it comes to the hardware you must have sufficient stocks as a backup. When it comes to the software part, you must ensure that they are being properly analyzed on a regular basis in order to check for any issues which can lead to something serious in the future.

There is one more important aspect which needs to be taken into consideration that is performance monitoring. It is not only important to make sure that your server is up and running, but at the same time, you must ensure that its performance is up to the mark. There are various tools available which enable you to monitor the performance


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